With the IoT revolution, cyber-security is more needed than ever before

Deeper Network
3 min readFeb 21, 2020


As our lives become more integrated into the Internet we will face bigger challenges when it comes to our privacy and security. Right now we are witnessing an exponential growth in the number of at home IoT devices. Their growth shows the typical curve of mass adoption. It has happened before with other revolutionary technologies and it is happening now before our eyes.

There are currently around 30 billion IoT devices, twice as much than in 2015, and it is expected that they will double again by 2025. That is more than 70 billion devices!

IoT is everywhere, from the moment we wake up to the moment we go back to sleep. The technology has become so integrated into our lives that we barely notice it. An IoT device is something that has an internet connection, when it normally would not. Anything from gadgets, machines, buildings, and more that connect to the web.

That means that your home may have more windows than you really think it has. Smart Washing Machines, Smart TV’s, Smart Cameras, Smart Door Bells, Smart Locks, Smart 3D Printers, Smart IoT Light Switches, Smart Thermostats, even Smart Coffee Machines! You name it! The IoT revolution is here to stay.

Just like how electric appliances played a huge role in the 20th century to make people’s lives less labor intensive and more comfortable, IoT probably in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain will take this revolution to the next level during the 21st century.

But comfort comes at a price, and any of those devices can turn against you or your family members, as it has been shown in the past. Take an example from the case where a hacker accessed the bedroom’s camera of an eight years old girl. Suddenly it was a real-life horror movie for this unfortunate child, with strange music and the voice of a stranger coming out of the speaker, addressing her and probably watching her through the lens of this IoT device.

This is not an isolated incident. You can find similar cases all over the web. Right now there is an alarming increase in the number IoT data breaches, and this tendency is not showing signs of slowing down. There is evidence also that hackers around the world are getting access to IoT devices to leverage control over bigger systems. Any weak link in your IoT devices could compromise your personal information and risk yours and your family’s safety.

In Deeper Network we are aware of this security gap, and we have ideated a solution which combines network security, a sharing economy, and blockchain technology. Our device, Deeper Connect Mini, is able to protect your personal data, and IoT devices, using a triple encryption technology, which includes block device encryption, file system encryption, and file encryption. In addition, thanks to its operative system, AtomOS (designed and developed by Deeper Network), our device has seven layers of cybersecurity protection.

We protect your privacy, we give you unrestricted access to the Internet with a stable, reliable and high-speed connection, even during peak hours, and of course, we give you the cyber-security you and your family needs, so you can sleep in peace knowing that you are protected from outside cyber-security threats.

Our mission is to make the Internet a safer and trusted place, the way it was envisioned to be.