Remote work will dramatically increase demand for home network security
— Deeper Network’s CEO

The corona epidemic that continues to spread around the world has made more people choose to work or study remotely from home, but this also highlights the network security and privacy issues. Zoom, a recently developed US teleconferencing office platform, announced in April that it would suspend the development of new features to focus on security and privacy issues. Russel Liu, CEO of Deeper Network, said in an interview with BitTrust that “remote work and distance education make people have more needs for network security, privacy and freedom.”

BitPush: Why did Deeper Network choose router products as its entry point?

Russel Liu: Mainly based on the following considerations:

1. Deeper Connect is a product that offers security and privacy protection. Users usually want security, privacy and unrestricted Internet access for all their home network devices. So Deeper Connect is designed as a router product, occupying the user’s home gateway position, protecting all Internet access traffic.

2. Deeper Connect is not only a network security device, but also a decentralized P2P network node and a mining machine. Therefore, in order to ensure the stability of the network, the device needs to be operating 24/7. Terminal devices such as PCs and mobile phones have no way to meet this requirement, but most home routers are turned on all year round.

3. The device in the router position is more likely to obtain a public IP or IP that meets the cone NAT standard, which makes it easier to increase network connectivity. Terminal devices such as PCs and mobile phones do not possess this convenience.

BitPush: How is the development of Deeper Connect products evolving right now? Will there be important new features launched this year?

Russel Liu: We have successfully completed the hardware or on our fourth-generation product, and a fifth-generation product is under development. There will be a lot of new features launched this year, to give a few examples:

1. Our security features include ads and malicious URL filtering, tracker blocking, and parental control.

2. For the DPN function, we used to have only a single tunnel intelligent routing function, and now we have added a multi-tunnel intelligent routing function. In layman’s terms, after our device is started, tunnels will be established to all parts of the world at the same time. By default, it will be established in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions. Then it will do intelligent routing based on the type of application being used.

For example, if you are an American user, and you visit the BitMEX exchange, the site will block your account. But by using DCN, the device will intelligently route the visit of this website to the European node. In the same way, if you want to visit domestic QQ music or iQiyi in the US, the device will intelligently route you to the node in China. All this is transparent and does not require manual switching and intervention by the user. At the same time, we also added the ability for user-defined tunnel setting and custom intelligent routing rules.

The last one is our software version. Our DCN can be used directly as a software download on the PC side. The functions and hardware are basically the same. You can install the DCN software on Windows, Linux or Mac, which greatly facilitates users who for some reason cannot or do not want to purchase our hardware. In addition, our software version has an interesting feature, if you have multiple computers in your home or office. Once you have installed our software on one computer, then the other computers will also enjoy the protection and acceleration provided by DCN as long as the other computers set the gateway or proxy to this computer. A total of 10 new functions will be launched this year. The above three are the most distinctive. Other functions need to be discovered and experienced by interested users themselves.

BitPush: What is the target for Deeper Connect product sales this year? How is the user’s acceptance of the product?

Russel Liu: Considering the impact of this year’s epidemic, our sales target for this year is 10,000 units. Our users are very appreciative of our products. Almost all users are repeat customers. Their main points of recognition are:

1. Plug and play, zero configuration, easy to use;
2. High speed access;
3. Stability.

BitPush: How is the security of Deeper Connect products implemented?

Russel Liu: Our security functions are implemented through a security protocol stack that we designed ourselves, which can identify and filter network traffic from Layer 2 to Layer 7. Interested readers can take a look at our white paper, which gives a good introduction to our security protocol.

BitPush: In a sharing routing bandwidth scenario, what is the mechanism through which a user discovers other nodes? How would they identify malicious nodes, which could be maliciously reporting URLs, attacking traffic data using its own bandwidth, etc.? Is there a super node?

Russel Liu: This is a very good question. For node identification, we have adopted a decentralized method: one is DHT, something that everyone is using now, and the other is the use of blockchain smart contracts. We have various levels of protection mechanisms to prevent malicious nodes from doing harm.

I will use a simple example to illustrate malicious reporting. Any valid node has a sub-certificate signed by our Deeper with the root certificate. When the node reports, it needs to be signed with this sub-certificate. Other nodes will use the public key of our root certificate to verify. If the verification fails, then this node is a fake node. Of course, the ways of doing harm are more diverse than just reporting this link. This is a deep topic. For example, IPFS spent several years to perfect his time and space proof algorithm, using the method of zero-knowledge proof to prove that a piece of data was effectively stored for a period of time. Deeper used a similar method to prove that the user is a real contributor. In addition to our own bandwidth, we also designed a punishment mechanism to further combat malicious nodes.

Bi push: Are there other application scenarios for DPR tokens besides buying bandwidth? How is the current listing progress on the exchange? Is there a limit to the total circulation?

Russel Liu: The application scenarios include the following aspects:

1. Purchase of bandwidth;

2. License activation (users need to purchase a license to get access to our private network through our operating system and software version);

3. Update of security services;

4. Gas for smart contracts.

The Token circulating on the Deeper network is called DPR, and the total issued amount is 10B, and it will never be issued. Several exchanges have contacted us to list the currency. In order to provide DPR users with a wider circulation network, we will consider the first exchange with the best flow.

Bitpush: What is the current development progress of the Deeper Chain and the community ecosystem?

Russel Liu: The Deeper Chain is currently in the final testing stage. Our next version of the product will be fully integrated into the Deeper Chain so that Deeper’s token DPR can be saved and circulated on the chain. Our English-speaking community has tens of thousands of users, and the Chinese-speaking community has 5,000 people. Everyone is interested in the function and vision of the product. Many people have made suggestions or have directly participated, contributing to their own points of interest.

Bitpush: Recently, the new coronavirus raged, has Deeper Network been affected? Will the popularity of remote work drive the development of Deeper Network?

Russel Liu: Thank you for your concern, we are more or less affected temporarily, but it does not affect the long-term development of the company. Long-distance work and long-distance education make people have more demands for their security, privacy and freedom on the Internet. The needs of all these users are constant driving force and precious wealth for us.

About Deeper Network

Deeper Network is a company composed of top technology teams in Silicon Valley. Its mission is to combine cybersecurity and blockchain technology to create a more private, secure and fair next-generation trusted Internet. The cybersecurity hardware device Deeper Connect, which is backed up by more than two years of development, represents a revolutionary technology, first in its class to combine cybersecurity, network sharing economy, and blockchain technology.