How to Keep Your Deeper Connect Device Online

As more and more users join the Deeper Chain mainnet, we noticed some users going offline from the mainnet without notice. This article will go over some reasons and solutions for the issues some users may be facing and different setups which suit each user’s needs.

The Proof of Credit (PoCr) consensus mechanism requires the system to check randomly whether a user is online through the use of “im_online” at least three times daily. All three checks must be passed in order to meet the online requirement. When a Deeper Connect device goes offline for 3 consecutive days, the user’s credit score will drop one (1) credit point. One of the reasons for being offline may have been caused by having no network data generated while AtomOS was running.

Below are some circumstances where users may become offline and solutions for users to prevent going offline:

  1. Your connection setup: There are 3 different setups shown below:

1.1 Modem/Router (All-in-One) → Deeper Connect → PC

  • Your Deeper Connect device is connected between your all-in-one modem/router and PC.
  • Users who have this setup must keep their PC on at all times. Your PC cannot be put into sleep mode or be shutdown. Whenever the PC is in sleep mode or shutdown, the Deeper Connect device will be offline as well.

Solution: Switch off your PC’s auto-sleep mode and/or make sure your PC doesn’t power off for too long to meet the im_online checks. This will help keep your Deeper Connect online.

(Modem/Router (All-in-One)→ Deeper Connect→ PC)

1.2 Modem/Router (All-in-One)→ Deeper Connect→ Router

  • Your Deeper Connect device is connected between all-in-one modem/router and an additional router.
  • Users who have this setup must have all their devices (laptop, PC, mobile phone, IoT device etc.) in the network connected to the additional Wi-Fi router, otherwise, the Deeper Connect may be disconnected by the WiFi router for not having active upstream data traffic.

Solution: All network devices need to use the Wi-Fi signal through the additional Wi-Fi router in order to have active upstream data traffic.

(Modem/Router (All-in-One) [Yellow LAN port]→ Deeper Connect→ Router [Blue WAN port])

1.3 Rj45 Port→ Deeper Connect→ Router

  • Your Deeper Connect is connected between the Rj45 port that directly enters the home from outside and the WiFi router.
  • Users who have this setup must connect all their home Internet of Things (IoT) devices with the Wi-Fi Router network when they are at home, otherwise, their Deeper Connect will be disconnected for not having enough upstream data traffic.

Solution: If the user leaves home, try to reserve a terminal device to accept the Wi-Fi Router network to keep your Deeper Network device connected. If you are unable to do so, then consider the One-Arm mode (see next section).

Rj45 Port→ Deeper Connect→ Router (Blue WAN port)

2. One-Arm Mode

When a user is unable to keep their Deeper Connect device from disconnecting from the internet via the above-mentioned setups, One-Arm mode is highly recommended.

  • One-Arm mode requires network access.
  • Deeper Connect devices need to connect with an all-in-one modem/router or the Rj45 port directly allowing Deeper Connect devices to have stable access to the Internet. Having this setup, users will not be able to access AtomOS ( or
  • Users who need to manage their AtomOS account will need to change their setup to 1.2 or 1.3 examples mentioned above. (Deeper Connect device between the modem/router and modem or Rj45 port and Wi-Fi Router).
  • One Ethernet cable from Deeper Connect must plug into a LAN port (yellow port) on your All-in-One modem/router or Rj45 port and the other Ethernet cable from the Deeper Connect needs to be connected to a WAN port (blue port).
  • Please note that by setting up One-Arm mode, all your devices on your network will NOT be protected by Deeper Connect’s cyber-security or have access to the DPN.
One-Arm mode setup for all-in-one modem/router and Deeper Connect device
One-Arm mode setup for direct connection to a Rj45 port

For basic mining, One-Arm setup will only work with AtomOS firmware version 1.1.9.rel or newer.