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DPN could be the solution for the US’s WeChat and TikTok ban.

Yesterday, the Trump administration postponed the ban on new downloads of WeChat and TikTok. However, millions of American users of the two popular China-based apps had panicked over the weekend since Trump announced the ban on Friday. The new install rate of WeChat, according to analytics platform sensor Tower, saw an 800 percent week-over-week increase; while TikTok downloads rose 12% on Friday.

Banning the two social media app, especially WeChat, could be devastating for those Chinese Americans, as it is their primary method of communication with their families and relatives in China. With the fear of the Trump administration forcing the ban once again in the future, many had sought for potential solutions as VPN services surged by 20–30% in the US just over this past weekend.

While VPNs allow users to conceal their location online and bypass a government restriction, traditional VPNs that are supported by a centralized network have been accused of many privacy concerns and unstable connections. With a centralized server, VPNs have a single-point-of-failure, where taking down the central servers can paralyze the entire network.

Therefore, at Deeper Network, we provide a service called DPN, a decentralized private network that solves the pitfalls of VPNs. Without a central server, DPN does not have a single point of failure for attackers and hackers. Deeper’s own Trident protocol and IP Multiplexing technology can effectively solve the problem of being intercepted and infected by firewalls, creating the perfect user experience of high-speed internet access without delays.

At Deeper Network, we believe that freedom of internet access is a human right and that users should be able to access their favorite apps and websites anywhere in the world. Our Deeper Connect device is created with such vision: a truly decentralized network security hardware offering an unrestricted, untraceable, and no logging internet experience. The 4th generation device, Deeper Connect Mini, has been crowdfunded on Indiegogo, raising over half a million in just two months and gaining over 1,700 global supporters. We look forward to bringing our technology to more families and individuals, devoting our selves to serving the real internet users and building a private, secure, and fair internet for all.

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