Deeper Talk 3.0 Recap has been successfully completed. We’ve received a lot of valuable suggestions via the brainstorming.

Deeper Talk 3.0 Recap has been successfully completed. We’ve received a lot of valuable suggestions via the brainstorming. Please spare some time to walk through the following selected ideas, Congratulations to the winners!

Deeper Network Community Event Series 1- Deeper Talk 3.0

To help build a better Deeper Network community, we can’t go without community members’ contribution of ideas. Join us at the Deeper talk, share your comments/suggestions with the Deeper team and community. You will get a chance to win a prize we have prepared for you!

The topic of this week — [Introduce yourself to us and share one of your stories with crypto]

Period: 20:00, Sep 16th — 20:00, Sep 20th, 2019(UTC +8)

Format: #DT + Content

Venue: Deeper Network Telegram Group


My favorite activity would be the more elaborate bounties. Examples are writing an article (of your personal experience & opinions with a specific BlockChain project) or solving technical aspects at hand. Both have the benefit that on one hand the person doing the bounty deepens their understanding of the project and on the other hand the project receives awareness respectively workhours / advancement, with ultimately a corresponding reward on our accounts.

It’s no secret i’m, as a network professional, looking forward to betatest the Deeper Connect and in return provide feedback / writeup.

I’ve done both content and tech bounty, since then i’ve been more involved in these projects and their communities. In one i was able to turn that bounty into masternode collateral, even more fun. 🤓


Honestly speaking, nothing keeps a project up and running than a vibrant and active community’s support in every way possible which makes me respect DPR thus far since the inception of the quiz that have always kept the group busy and active 👍.

Nothing kills a project faster than a quiet and cold community coupled with a nonchalant attitude from the team or developers of which dpr have proven to be different 😘.

Personally, I won’t mind the previous quiz system which have always unit us all as a community at a given time every day of the week 😁. However, in the need for a change, we can always have variety of options which isn’t a bad idea ☺️.

1) we can promote dpr on different social media handles by writing something captivating about the project.

2) we can equally have a meme contest.

3) we can be paired in 2 or 3 persons and given a task to collectively carry out and share the outcome in the group for people to learn.👫👭👬(team spirit)

4) this contest isn’t bad either 😉

5) or we can simply continue our QUIZ 🤷‍♂

God bless dpr team and everyone interested in the project and it’s success 💪


Speaking of activities, I was actually enjoying the quiz before it was stopped. But I welcome changes at any point in time as we all know it’s the only constant thing in life😊.

We can simply resume the weekly quiz which was running just fine or have a bot airdrop. We can also do a short YouTube video contest about dpr. Or the team can just decide to be dashing out free dpr to the community 😜😜😜

One love for dpr😘


Talking about activities that will help build a better Deeper Network Community, this present one does not unite the members in any way. We don’t even relate with one another as we used to. That bond is no longer there. I always looked forward to the quiz & chatting with my wonderful friends in the community. It was always fun.

Just like the quiz exercises we were having in the other group, it went a long way to strengthen the bond in the community between the members and the group admin. Exercises that are well thought out and expertly run can unite people, enhance their strengths, and address their weaknesses.

Team building exercises also have it’s negative side, so you’ll likely have people who consider them a waste of time. So DPR management needs to come up with something very rewarding that will encourage participation, help to open discussion, explore people’s feelings about the event in order to turn them into valuable participants. But, to be truly effective, it needs to be a continual process, just like it was before, and we made some friends. I miss all that. The group has become so cold. Almost everyone is gone. That’s not nice at all.


Timed activities (like the quiz) have the upside of bring together a bunch of folks at the same moment.

At your own leisure activities (like the DT) have the upside that it takes into account that people live in different timezones and that not everyone can be on social apps during school / work.

Timed activities have the benefit of creating a buzz (albeit only a pinch in time).

At your own leisure activities have the benefit of being both manageable as well as interesting to read when you have the time.

Timed activities tend to create a more competitive vibe, which some will enjoy.

At your own leisure activities have the potential to be collaborative in nature (albeit it’s not so much being realised currently).

Just to highlight some pro’s and con’s of different approaches as input for the current event.



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