Deeper Talk 2.0 Recap has been successfully completed. We’ve received a lot of valuable suggestions via the brainstorming.

Deeper Talk 2.0 Recap has been successfully completed. We’ve received a lot of valuable suggestions via the brainstorming. Please spare some time to walk through the following selected ideas, Congratulations to the winners!

Deeper Network Community Event Series 1- Deeper Talk 2.0

To help build a better Deeper Network community, we can’t go without community members’ contribution of ideas. Join us at the Deeper talk, share your comments/suggestions with the Deeper team and community. You will get a chance to win a prize we have prepared for you!

The topic of this week — [Introduce yourself to us and share one of your stories with crypto]

Period: 20:00, Sep 16th — 20:00, Sep 20th, 2019(UTC +8)

Format: #DT + Content

Venue: Deeper Network Telegram Group


#DT first of all, INTRODUCTION 😘😘

I’m Petra Miller by name, my telegram username is @petramiller01 and I’m from Nigeria. 😊😁

🤔Hmm… It’s another interesting topic I must say, now seat back and enjoy your popcorn 🤫silently while I tell you my story thus far with crypto 😛😝😜

The journey so far…

I came to know about crypto in October 2017. As a novice in the game, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, wrong investments especially in the lending season 😓😥😭 I invested so much money in the lending platforms which later burned me 😡. It has been fun ever since in that I’ve won some and lost some which is the practical thing in life😄. My wallet is just like CMC due to the numbers of coins I hold some of which are shit coins today☹️. I will not fail to admit that crypto has been a blessing to me despite the pain and for everyday I see, I keep my hope alive and strong because I believe in CRYPTOCURRENCY 💪💃🕺.

Thank you for the topic💯%


Hmmmm!!!! Where do I start from? 🤔🤔🤔. This might end up being a long read cos of the experience. My apologies for that. My name is Emeka & my Telegram username is @Mexy1. I am a Nigerian.

I got to know about cryptocurrency when bitcoin started making waves some years ago & I was so pissed off that I didn’t get any satoshi or bitcoin when it was worth nothing. So I resolved to take subsequent cryptos which i felt would be genuine, seriously.

In December 2016, I invested in a crypto that my sister introduced me to. In fact, my entire family invested in it cos we were made to understand it would be more valuable than bitcoin & any other crypto. 2years later we had accumulated a huge amount of it through referrals & tasks, & stores & merchants started springing up & were accepting it in exchange for goods & Landed properties. One of the merchants decided to organize a two days trade fair where we could buy the various items they had on display. A day before the trade fair was to hold, I travelled all the way to the state where the trade fare was to take place. Before the date of the trade fair, we even paid gate fees so as to be among the first to shop on a “First come, first served basis”. I got to the state & found it difficult to find a hotel i could lodge cos there were thousands of us that came for the trade fair. Luckily, i eventually found one.

When i got to the venue of the trade fair, it was like a war zone. There were more than 7,000 people there that day & I knew right there that there was no way things would go smoothly & my journey was just in vain. My instinct was right. Nothing happened that day. They kept citing insecurity as the major reason for not starting that day, because of the large crowd. I went back to the hotel so disappointed. I went back the next day which was the 2nd & final day of the trade fair & met the same story. Some people got annoyed & broke into the warehouse where some of the items were kept & carted away what they could lay their hands on. I was at one corner not far from them, observing the chaos which had unfolded. It was like a war zone. I did nothing.

I traveled back to my state of residence the next day without anything 2show for it after wasting money on bus tickets & hotel accommodation.

But even with all that bad experience, I still invest in cryptos, some of which ended up being shitcoins but that didn’t deter me from investing in other ones. I always try to be positive that something good will come out from the next coin that air drops cos I wouldn’t want to find myself regretting why i didnt invest in it just as i am still regretting why i didn’t invest in bitcoin back then when it was nothing.



Phinehas is my name, from the most populous country in the world (NIGERIA) 😜😜😜😜💪


This topic is strooooooong well, here I go. 😏

I came to know crypto late I must painfully admit 😞 and the success stories of great coins that have made wave before I came on board ached me all the way making me ask myself where I have been all the while 😢. I was introduced to Airdrops since I had no money to invest but can afford to buy data so I decided to go all the way head on with the airdrop. I filled any and every airdrop I see that my wallet became like market 😄I will never forget NTK, it was my consolation for every effort I put to work in that I made a fortune from that project so did SCC😋. Crypto has been great for me though I lost so much due to my inexperienced nature in coins like BTW and the likes ☹️😭😭. I believe the blood bath will pass and bull run will set smile on our faces again 😇. Long live cryptocurrency 💪💪💰💷💶💴💵💸

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