Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2021/12/1–2021/12/31

Deeper Network’s Monthly Newsletter is a brief bulletin containing the latest community developments, technical updates, and market status of our project. It is periodically released at the end of each month for our community members. We would like to thank each and every member of the Deeper Network community for your attention and support. Here are the latest updates:

Technical Updates


  • Deeper Connect + Helium exclusive hardware EU868 certification submission
  • Deeper Connect + Helium exclusive hardware US915 certification submission
  • Deeper Connect + Helium exclusive hardware AU915 certification submission
  • Deeper Connect + Helium exclusive hardware EU868 small batch production
  • Deeper Connect + Helium exclusive hardware US915 small batch production
  • Deeper Connect + Helium exclusive hardware AU915 small batch production
  • Deeper Connect storage dedicated hardware, hardware material selection, progress: 95%


  1. AtomOS Development Process:
  • 1.1.12.rel worldwide push update, 85% completed
  • 1.1.12.rel manual update, auto-update deployed

2. AtomOS Troubleshoot:

1.11.rel fixed:
- Implement shared traffic page
- Improved transaction data source
- Improved the balance history data source
- Fixed the credit accumulation issue
- Fixed Polkadot data issue
- Fixed a language issue
- Fixed a scheduling issue
- Recovered the DNS operation issue
- Fixed port scanning
- Fixed potential update issues

1.1.12.rel fixed:
- Enabling the user knowledge base and confirmation page
- Improved SSL filter
- Improved the connection link between the Deeper Connect and the Deeper Chain
- Improved the balance history data source
- Improved the transaction data source
- Added support for hotplug of USB TTY devices
- Added support for public passwordless WiFi signals
- Fixed the DNS response

3. Deeper Chain:

3.1 Important submission, revision, and releases:

3.2 Technical Scheme Discussion

Implemented restic-based block incremental backup and recovery mechanism, including recovery restart, alarm monitoring, status recovery, etc.; discussed the export-import block subcommand to specific a block recovery plan, and study the HA-based blockchain structure.

3.3 Technical Document Reference

Community News

  • Published Deeper Chain & BSC Bridge tutorial
  • Gleam Giveaway Event ( Ended on Jan. 1st EST)
  • Deeper Network CMO Eric Ma was interviewed by YouTuber ActionCrypto、Full Value Dan
  • Multiple Web3 articles published across western media outlets
  • YouTube channels including Action Crypto、Scytheanomics、Cryptonauts、Wilson、Full Value Dan published videos on Deeper Network project updates
  • Launched the developer community, planning testers community recruitment
  • ChainNews released articles on Deeper Network projects
  • Chinese community event:
    - Organized “Comment to win” event. Received proposals on Deeper Network ecosystem from 63 participants with 200+ active participants
    - Christmas lucky draw event to win a discount voucher for Yang Guo Group mining rigs with a total of 700+ participants.
    - Deeper Network official Tencent Account increased 600+ followers
    - Organized Chinese marketing team and training

Marketing News

  • Resellers in the United States, Canada, Europe, Singapore, and the Middle East will start sales negotiations in 2022, Q1
  • Pico’s pre-sale sales on Kickstarter have exceeded $2 million USD with over 5,000 pledges.
  • Pico pre-sale limited-time referral rebate event is happening, and each successful referral can earn up to $168 as a reward
  • Deeper’s official website will implement a payment upgrade in January. Users will be able to choose Visa, Mastercard, American Express, DISCOVER, UnionPay, WeChat Pay, and PayPal as payment methods.
  • Started the certification of Deeper Network HNT Miner process in Europe, Canada, and Australia


English Telegram community: 14,678

Chinese Telegram community: 2,137

Discord community: 5,662

Twitter followers:41,133

Facebook followers:13,291

Medium followers: 5,017

Reddit users: 4,048

Instagram followers: 1,634

WeiBo followers: 10,320




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