Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter: 09/01/2020–09/31/2020

Deeper Network
3 min readOct 1, 2020


Deeper Networks Monthly Newsletter is a brief bulletin containing the latest community developments, technical updates, and market status of our project. It is periodically released at the end of each month with our community members. We would like to thank each and every member of the Deeper Network community for your attention and support. Here are the latest updates:

Technical updates


1. Design of Deeper Connect Lite fan cooling module 90%

2. ARM architecture hardware adaptation 80%

3. Deeper Connect Nano Appearance design 90%

4. Deeper Connect Nano cooling module design 90%

5. Deeper Connect Nano WiFi hardware options 90%


1. Development process:

1.1 Global internal test of AtomOS 1.1 begins

1.2 Global users push of AtomOS 1.1.0.b18, collection of feedback from users

1.3 Published 1.1.0.b27 rel version; invited users to participate in internal test

1.4 Completed internal test of AtomOS wallet, collection of feedback from users

1.5 Updated adjustments in security feature library

1.6 Optimized the statistics in traffic for AtomOS

1.7 Optimized AtomOS hardware usage

1.8 Optimized tunnel connections

1.9 Optimized dynamite display in-network data of real-time sessions

1.10 DPR user management, code progress:97%

1.11 DPR user account management, ETH address management, and recording management; code progress: 80%

1.12 Atom WiFi software, code progress: 50%


1. Fixed tunnel connection errors in version 1.1

2. Fixed tunnel node switching

3. Add multiple DNS to use smart route

4. Developed tunnel connections for users in other regions

Deeper Chain:

1. Development of BFT Consensus Algorithm based on O(n) Message Complexity: 100%

2. Smart contract in micropayment channel, development process: 80%

3. Start to develop the function of staking: 5%

4. Traffic Witch script attack scheme design:

4.1 Server authentication 30%

4.2 Client and server traffic certification design 40%

5. Whitepaper 2.0, writing progress: 90%

Community News

1. On September 13 (GMT+8), an AMA hosted by Deeper Network and a key influencer in the Chinese crypto-market (Wechat: bishixiaojiejie 币市小姐姐) were held in the DPR Investment Telegram Group. As a community representative, 币市小姐姐 has hosted a few topics that were most concerned by the public in the first half of the session. During the second half of the AMA, Telegram community members received answers from Deeper’s core team members on the technical realization of the project as well as the development of the landing product.

2. Cooperation with Blockchain Youtuber identified collaboration methods and demonstrated relevant details of the project

3. Planning process of a Blockchain IDO bounty program

4. Rebuilt Deeper Network website; the English version is completed and the Chinese version is in progress

5. Recruitment for Chinese community on an internal test of AtomOS PC version, currently recruited 60+ participants


1. Email marketing efforts, Deeper Chain technology updates for email subscribers

2. Partnership discussion with Japanese marketing channels; established cooperative BP content

3. Begin global business development

4. Blockchain promotional video in the production process


English Telegram community: 7935

English Telegram community two: 8170

Chinese Telegram community: 2938

Chinese Telegram technical communication community: 8170

Deeper Connect Mini fans: 651

Deeper Connect Chinese user: 150

Deeper Connect WhatsApp group:173

Twitter: 4795

Facebook: 11609