Deeper Network Month Newsletter: June 2019

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Deeper Network’s Month Newsletter is a brief bulletin containing the latest community developments, technical updates and market status of our project. It is periodically released at the end of each month with our community members. We would like to thank you to each and every member of the Deeper Network community for your attention and support. Here are the latest updates

English version:

A Technical updates

Ⅰ. Deeper Connect — lite 80%: Will be available for sale in one month.

Ⅱ.Deeper Connect — mini 20%: The hardware selection has been completed and the PCB is officially designed. Its ID design will start soon; it is expected to be out in the market in three more months

Ⅰ. AtomOS — DIY version:

1.1 NIC automatic adaptation 30%

1.2 License activation function 20%


2.1 Fixed problem with hardware occasionally during boot-up.

Ⅲ. At present the following features are being developed:

3.1, NAT internal subnet reverse connection: 80%

3.2, Smart contract reconstruction: 40%

3.3,Trident protocol 2.0: 48%

3.4,Control plane 2.0: 70%

3.5,GDPR support: 20%

Ⅳ.Public chain research development:

4.1, PoC+VRF consensus algorithm on substrate framework: 64%

4.2, Reimplementing smart contracts on substrate: 40%

4.3, Sharding design: 41%

B Community news

Ⅰ.Q&A Bounty activities ongoing. Rewards for Q&A bounty activities 84–103 have been distributed.

Ⅱ.Community sign-in bounty rewards for the 16th — 19th weeks have been distributed.

Ⅲ.Telegram has been clean up of bots

C State of our Market

Ⅰ. In-depth cooperation with the star project Harmony (harmony has recently been at Binance IEO)

Ⅱ. Our project has received the favor and attention of the Silicon Valley well-known incubator F50.

Ⅲ.Indiegogo has a strong interest in Deeper Network and hopes to work closely with us, helping promote future product sales.

Ⅳ. Preparation for the construction of a community and node in Southeast Asia has started.

(If you are a user in Southeast Asia, you can contact the administrator @Daniel_Matthew111 to apply as a Southeast Asian community administrator and node partner)

Ⅴ. Deeper Network website will soon include a devise payment option for users to purchase any of Deeper Connect devices, including the Mini or Lite version.

DCommunity stats

Ⅰ.English Telegram community:12370

Ⅱ.Chinese Telegram community:50



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Deeper Network月报每月最后一天发布,与社区成员分享Deeper Network的最新社区动态、技术开发、市场拓展情况。感谢各位社区成员对Deeper Network的关注与支持,以下为Deeper Network的最新进展



1.Deeper Connect — lite 80%: 预计一个月以后上市

2. Deeper Conenct — mini 20%: 硬件选型完毕, PCB设计开始, ID设计开始, 预计三个月以后上市

1.AtomOS — DIY version :

1.1 网卡自适应 30%

1.2 License激活功能 20%


2.1 修复设备异常重启的情况


3.1 nat子网内反向连接: 80%

3.2 智能合约重构 40%

3.3 三叉戟协议2.0版本 40%

3.4 Control plane 2.0: 70%

3.5 GDPR support:20%

4, 公链研究工作进展:

4.1 PoC+VRF共识算法在substrate框架中实现:60%

4.2 智能合约在substrate上重新实现:30%

4.3 Sharding设计 :40%


1.Q&A bounty活动继续进行中。第84期-第103期Q&A bounty活动奖励已经投放

2.第16、第17、第18、第19周sign in bounty活动奖励已经投放



1.与明星项目harmony 达成深度合作关系(harmony最近已经上线币安ieo)


3. Indiegogo 对DeeperNetwork特别关注,希望与DeeperNetwork深度合作,包括在未来的产品销售方面


5.购买设备支付页面将加入软件版Deeper connect、Deeper connect Mini、Deeper Connect — lite 购买链接



2.Telegram 中文社群成员:45



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