Deeper Network Month Newsletter: 08/01/2019–08/31/2019

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4 min readSep 3, 2019


English version

Deeper Network’s Month Newsletter is a brief bulletin containing the latest community developments, technical updates and market status of our project. It is periodically released at the end of each month with our community members. We would like to thank you to each and every member of the Deeper Network community for your attention and support. Here are the latest updates:

A) Technical updates


1, Deeper Connect — lite 95% of completion: Started mass production, Sales channel is established, sales will start within one month.

2, Deeper Connect — mini 50% of completion:

2.1 Atom OS system booted successfully

2.2 ID design is complete


1, AtomOS — DIY version:

1.1 NIC automatic adaptation 100% of completion

1.2 License activation function 80% of completion

2, Troubleshooting:

2.1 Fixed the abnormal restart of the device

3, The following features are being developed at present:

3.1, NAT internal subnet reverse connection: 95% of completion

3.2, Smart contract reconstruction: 70% of completion

3.3,Trident protocol 2.0: 55% of completion

3.4,Control plane 2.0: 85% of completion

3.5,GDPR support: 30% of completion

4, Public chain research development:

4.1, PoC+VRF consensus algorithm on substrate framework: 68% of completion

4.2, Reimplementing smart contracts on substrate: 50% of completion

4.3, Sharding design: 55% of completion

B) Community news

1, Q&A bounty activity continues. Rewards for Q&A bounty activities 124–143 have been distributed.

2, Community sign-in bounty rewards for the 24th — 27th weeks have been distributed.

3, In the English community, 2 group airdrop activities will be held until the 6th week and will end on September 15.

4, 5th — 8th week mapping new DPR is completed.

5, DeeperNetwork IDO activities will be officially implemented on September 15th.

C) State of our Market

1, On August 24th (GMT-7), Bytom Devcon2 Global Developer Conference 2019 was held. DeeperNetwork was invited to attend the conference and got an exclusive booth of the venue.

2, Deeper Connect — mini will be crowdfunding at Indiegogo in late September.

3, The payment system of purchase page has been completed, and secondary optimization is completed.

4, The chat function of purchase page has been completed, the multi-language optimization is completed.

D) Community stats

1, English Telegram community:11070

2, English Telegram community 2:51686

3, Chinese Telegram community: 5694

4, Chinese Telegram Technical Discussion Community: 24208

5, Twitter:5669

6, Facebook:8576

Simplified Chinese version

Deeper Network月报每月最后一天发布,与社区成员分享Deeper Network的最新社区动态、技术开发、市场拓展情况。感谢各位社区成员对Deeper Network的关注与支持,以下为Deeper Network的最新进展:



1, Deeper Connect — lite 95%: 开始量产,销售渠道建立中,一个月内开始销售

2, Deeper Conenct — mini 50%:

2.1 Atom OS系统引导成功

2.2 ID 设计完成


1,AtomOS — DIY version :

1.1 网卡自适应 100%

1.2 License激活功能 80%

2, 问题修复:

2.1 修复设备异常重启的情况

3, 目前正在进行开发的feature:

3.1, nat子网内 反向连接: 95%

3.2, 智能合约重构 70%


3.4 Control plane 2.0: 85%

3.5 GDPR support:30%

4, 公链研究工作进展:

4.1, PoC+VRF共识算法在substrate框架中实现:68%

4.2, 智能合约在substrate上重新实现:50%

4.3, Sharding设计 :55%


1,Q&A bounty活动继续进行中。第124期-第143期Q&A bounty活动奖励已经投放

2,第24、第25、第26、第27周sign in bounty活动奖励已经投放



5,DeeperNetwork IDO活动将于9月15日正式实行



2,Deeper Conenct — mini将在Indiegogo 进行众筹 ,预计9月下旬开始。




1, telegram英文社群成员:11070

2, telegram英文社群2成员:51686

3, Telegram 中文社群成员:5694

4, Telegram 中文技术交流社群成员:24208

5, Twitter关注:5669

6, Facebook关注:8576

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