Deeper Network Month Newsletter: 07/01/2019–07/31/2019

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Deeper Network’s Month Newsletter is a brief bulletin containing the latest community developments, technical updates and market status of our project. It is periodically released at the end of each month with our community members. We would like to thank you to each and every member of the Deeper Network community for your attention and support. Here are the latest updates:

A Technical updates


1, Deeper Connect — lite 90% of completion: Started mass production, ready for sale

2, Deeper Connect — mini 50% of completion:

2.1 PCB design is complete

2.2 ID design is complete


1, AtomOS — DIY version:

1.1 NIC automatic adaptation 80% of completion

1.2 License activation function 60% of completion

2, Troubleshooting:

2.1 Many Bugs related to stability have been fixed

3, At present the following features are being developed:

3.1, NAT internal subnet reverse connection: 90% of completion

3.2, Smart contract reconstruction: 60% of completion

3.3,Trident protocol 2.0: 50% of completion

3.4,Control plane 2.0: 80% of completion

3.5,GDPR support: 25% of completion

4, Public chain research development:

4.1, PoC+VRF consensus algorithm on substrate framework: 65% of completion

4.2, Reimplementing smart contracts on substrate: 48% of completion

4.3, Sharding design: 50% of completion

BCommunity news

1, Q&A bounty activity continues. Rewards for Q&A bounty activities 104–123 have been distributed.

2, Community sign-in bounty rewards for the 20th — 23th weeks have been distributed.

3, Chinese community is completed. Chinese technical discussion community establishment completed. English Community 2 is established.

4, The fourth week mapping new DPR is complete.

5, DeeperNetwork IDO series will be officially implemented in August

CState of our Market

1, Silicon Valley network security high-tech project DeeperNetwork won the Wall Street top quantitative hedge fund Two Sigma Investment former Quantitative Equity Core Group Vice President Dr. Weijing Zhu Angel Investment.

2, Deeper Conenct — mini will be crowdfunding at Indiegogo

3, The purchase device payment page payment system has been completed and entered the testing phase.

4, The purchase device payment page chat function has been completed and entered the test phase.

D Community stats

1, English Telegram community:11352

2, English Telegram community 2:51525

3, Chinese Telegram community: 3786

4, Chinese Telegram Technical Discussion Community: 24177

5, Twitter:4552

6, Facebook:7064


Deeper Network月报每月最后一天发布,与社区成员分享Deeper Network的最新社区动态、技术开发、市场拓展情况。感谢各位社区成员对Deeper Network的关注与支持,以下为Deeper Network的最新进展



1, Deeper Connect — lite 90%: 开始量产,准备上市

2, Deeper Conenct — mini 50%:

2.1 PCB 设计完成

2.2 ID 设计完成


1,AtomOS — DIY version :

1.1 网卡自适应 80%

1.2 License激活功能 60%

2, 问题修复:

2.1 修复若干稳定性相关的Bug

3, 目前正在进行开发的feature:

3.1 nat子网内 反向连接: 90%

3.2 智能合约重构 60%

3.3 三叉戟协议2.0版本:50%

3.4 Control plane 2.0: 80%

3.5 GDPR support:25%

4, 公链研究工作进展:

4.1 PoC+VRF共识算法在substrate框架中实现:65%

4.2 智能合约在substrate上重新实现:48%

4.3 Sharding设计 :50%


1,Q&A bounty活动继续进行中。第104期-第123期Q&A bounty活动奖励已经投放

2,第20、第21、第22、第23周sign in bounty活动奖励已经投放



5,DeeperNetwork IDO模式将于8月正式实行


1,硅谷网络安全高科技项目DeeperNetwork喜获华尔街顶级量化对冲基金Two Sigma Investment前Quantitative Equity Core Group 副总裁朱玮晶博士天使投资。

2,Deeper Conenct — mini将在Indiegogo 进行众筹




1, telegram英文社群成员:11352

2, telegram英文社群2成员:51525

3, Telegram 中文社群成员:3786

4, Telegram 中文技术交流社群成员:24177

5, Twitter关注:4552

6, Facebook关注:7046

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