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Deeper Network has completed its Indiegogo campaign, having exceeded more than 1000% of its initial crowdfunding goal.

Deeper Network’s eight-week Indiegogo campaign for its 4th generation product, Deeper Connect Mini, has officially come to an end on August 29th. The campaign has successfully raised more than $500,000 in funds, representing 1000% of its initial goal. Over 100,000 audiences were reached and more than 1,600 backers around the world had joined the community of a revolutionary project.

As the World’s first blockchain-based network security hardware, Deeper Connect Mini is a compact, yet powerful device that can serve as a secure gateway and a firewall; it brings enterprise-level security to the home network. Its most well-known feature is decentralized VPN, or Decentralized Private Network (DPN), powered by a cutting hedge operational system — AtomOS. Without the need for a central server, DPN is able to provide a fast and reliable internet experience without logs, avoiding one of the common pitfalls of traditional VPN services. Apart from DPN, Deeper Connect Mini also provides IoT device protection, ad-blocking, parental control, and more, all in an intuitive plug-and-play package. Deeper Connect Mini requires zero setups and configuration. Its ease-of-use empowers the general public to reap the benefits of secure, private, and free internet.

As the company’s first Indiegogo campaign, the Deeper Connect Mini project has received support from 1666 backers worldwide and reached over 100,000 audiences. Almost 70% of our supporters are from North America, while the rest are from countries and regions including the UK, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, and more. The diversity of Deeper’s backer community creates a strong foundation for a robust network in the future.

The significance of this round of crowdfunding is not only in the numbers but in the validation that the company has built something useful. Feedbacks from users and the market have created much room for continuous improvements. The company has established a solid base towards building a trusted Internet with its first Indiegogo campaign.

Currently, the Deeper Connect Mini has entered the Indiegogo in-demand phase and will continue expanding to new users on Indiegogo and other platforms. As one of the very few projects that integrate blockchain technology with a real-world product, Deeper Network has taken a solid first step towards realizing its ambitious vision: to build a truly decentralized, peer-to-peer network that enables users around the world to share bandwidth for faster and universally accessible connectivity. With the launch of the mainnet in the imminent future, users will be able to reap the benefits that they’ve sown.

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