Deeper Network Biweekly Newsletter: 12/17/2019–12/31/2019

English version

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Deeper Network’s Biweekly Newsletter will be sent out at the middle and end of every month to share Deeper Network’s latest community developments, technical updates and market status with community members. Thank you to each and every member of the Deeper Network community for your attention and support. Here are the latest updates.

A . Technical updates


1 Deeper Connect Mini (Gold and Silver):70% of completion

2 The promotion video of Deeper Connect Mini has finished. It will be released to public during CES.


1, User may define the black list and white list of configuration. User interface design :70% of completion

1.1 Deeper Connect Mini default software test:70% of completion

1.2 Adding more security option to the configuration

2, Troubleshooting:

2.1 Website database update:

2.2 Reverse connection optimization to enhance the stability of reverse connection between different protocols

2.3 Congestion control algorithm optimization, detection of anti-dropout scenarios at 1% -20% packet loss 2.4 Update bug fixes

3, e² chain:

Development of BFT consensus algorithm with O (n) message complexity method 30%

B. Community news

1, Deeper Talk 10th and 11th Deeper Talk event rewards have been released

2, The sign in bounty activity rewards for week 42 and 43 have been released

3, Deeper lottery bounty has been in 10 stages. Luck drew rewards 9–10

4, Suspend Q & A, Talk, Sign in, Lottery activities

C. State of our Market

1, CES conference material preparation, prototypes of deeper connect mini has been mailed to Silicon Valley

2, Indiegogo crowdfunding page optimization, adjusting crowdfunding packages

3, Optimize equipment sales channels and methods

4, Contact of mine teams and individual mine owners in Northwest China

D. Community stats

1, English Telegram community:9459

2, English Telegram community 2:15467(telegram cleans up cancelled accounts)

3, Chinese Telegram community: 5070

4, Chinese Telegram Technical Discussion Community: 9447 (telegram cleans up cancelled accounts)

5, Twitter:5057

6, Facebook:8683

Simplified Chinese version

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Deeper Network双周报两周发布发一次,分享Deeper Network的最新社区动态、技术开发、市场拓展情况。感谢各位对Deeper Network的关注与支持,以下为Deeper Network的最新进展

一、 开发进度


1,金色和银色 Deeper Connect Mini 设计 70%



1, 用户自定义配置黑名单和白名单,用户界面设计 — 70%

1.1 Deeper Connect Mini 出厂测试软件 50%

1.2 用户界面调整,增加更多的安全配置选项

2, 问题修复:

2.1 网址数据库更新

2.2 反向连接优化,增强不同协议之间进行反向连接的稳定性

2.3 拥塞控制算法优化,检测在1%~20%丢包率情况下的防丢包情景

2.4 升级bug的修复

3, e²链:

O(n)消息复杂度的方法的BFT共识算法的研发 30%


1,Deeper Talk第10、11期Deeper Talk活动奖励已经投放

2,第42、第43周sign in bounty活动奖励已经投放

3,Deeper lottery bounty已进行10期。第9–10期Luck drew奖励已经投放

4,暂停Q&A、Talk、Sign in、Lottery活动


1, CES大会物料准备,样机邮寄至硅谷

2, Indiegogo众筹页面优化,调整众筹套餐

3, 优化设备销售渠道、方式

4, 西北地区矿场团队、个人矿主联系


1, telegram英文社群成员:9459

2, telegram英文社群2成员:15467 (telegram清理被注销的账户)

3, Telegram 中文社群成员:5070

4, Telegram 中文技术交流社群成员:9447 (telegram清理被注销的账户)

5, Twitter关注:5057

6, Facebook关注:8683

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