Deeper Network Biweekly Newsletter: 11/18/2019–12/1/2019

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Deeper Network’s Biweekly Newsletter will be sent out at (in) the middle and (at the) end of every month to share Deeper Network’s latest community developments, technical updates and market status with community members. Thank you to each and every member of the Deeper Network community for your attention and support. Here are the latest updates.

ATechnical updates

1, Deeper Connect — lite R&D 100% completed, mass production started:

The problem of the network cable is not easy to be plugged in has been resolved in the latest appearance generation

2, Deeper Connect — mini R&D 100% completed:

Production of 500 Deeper Connect Minis is ongoing. They will mainly be used for the product display of CES.

3, D525 processor running AtomOS: Adjustment of AtomOS compilation options, generating SSE3 instructions

1, AtomOS — DIY version:

1.1 NIC adaptive function:

The latest code has been completed. It is being merged into the master branch.

Monitord code conflicts and is being fixed

1.2 License activation function

The license activation function has been fully tested and developed, and it is expected to be officially launched in 2020

1.3 URL filter- Build a database of malicious URLs

1.4 Trident protocol 2.0-Add support for DTLS protocol

1.5 NAT penetration-Support penetration of full cone nat

1.6 SYSLOG support-Add CP tunnel information to SYSLOG. First the components and configuration of SYSLOG need to be moved into AtomOS

2, Troubleshooting:

2.1 Update the URL database so that more websites can enter the tunnel

2.2 Found a serious network packet loss situation, adjustment ongoing

3, Public chain research development:

3.1, PoC consensus algorithm 2.0: Reconstruct the relationship between super nodes, mining pools, and reference nodes. Add the monitoring function of credit nodes to ensure the trustworthiness of super nodes

BCommunity news

1, Telegram Q&A bounty activity continues. Rewards for Q&A bounty activities 176–183 have been distributed.

2, A new activity: Deeper Talk has been launched. 8th Deeper Talk Activity reward has been sent

3, Community sign-in bounty rewards for the 38th — 39th weeks have been distributed.

4, Deeper lottery bounty has been conducted for 6 periods. Luck draw rewards have been distributed

C State of our Market

1, Participated in and co-sponsored the meet-up event held in Silicon Valley for the listing of Jia Nan Technology, a world-renowned mining machine manufacturer, on NASDAQ

2, License function completed, License purchase option added to purchase site

3, Under negotiation with North American dealers, physical stores opened in Irvine, Rowland Heights, Monterey Park for customers to experience

4, Formulation of mining pool is planning, intent mine is under negotiation.

Mining pool plan has been formulated

DCommunity stats

1, English Telegram community:9827

2, English Telegram community 2:50170

3, Chinese Telegram community: 5192

4, Chinese Telegram Technical Discussion Community: 15779

5, Twitter:5093

6, Facebook:8460

Simplified Chinese version

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Deeper Network双周报两周发布发一次,分享Deeper Network的最新社区动态、技术开发、市场拓展情况。感谢各位对Deeper Network的关注与支持,以下为Deeper Network的最新进展

一、 开发进度

1, Deeper Connect — Lite: 研发完毕,已量产。


2, Deeper Conenct — Mini:研发完毕

500台Deeper Connect Mini 生产进行中。主要用于CES产品的展示

3,D525 处理器运行AtomOS:调整AtomOS的编译选项,只生成SSE3的指令

1, AtomOS — DIY version :

1.1 网卡自适应功能:

最新的代码已经完成,正在往master branch里面进行merge。


1.2 License激活功能


1.3 URL filter-构建恶意网址数据库

1.4 三叉戟协议新版 — 增加DTLS协议的支持

1.5 NAT穿透 — 支持full cone nat的穿透

1.6 SYSLOG的支持 — 将CP隧道信息加入到SYSLOG里面。首先需要将SYSLOG的组件和配置一直到AtomOS中

2, 问题修复:

2.1 更新网址数据库,让更多的网站能够走入到隧道之中

2.2 发现一处网络丢包严重的情况,正在调整中


3.1 PoC共识算法2.0:重新构建超级节点,矿池以及引用节点之间的关系。增加信用节点的监听功能来保证超级节点的可信度


1,Telegram社群Q&A bounty活动恢复。第176期-第181期Q&A bounty活动奖励已经投放

2,Deeper Talk第8期Deeper Talk活动奖励已经投放

3,第38、第39周sign in bounty活动奖励已经投放

4,Deeper lottery bounty已进行6期。第5–6期Luck drew奖励已经投放


1, 参与协办了全球知名矿机厂商 — — 嘉楠科技NASDAQ上市硅谷见面会

2, License功能完成,购买网站增加License购买选项

3, 北美经销商洽谈中,尔湾、罗兰岗、蒙特利公园实体体验店开放体验

4, 矿池方案制订,意向矿场洽谈中


1, telegram英文社群成员:9827

2, telegram英文社群2成员:50170

3, Telegram 中文社群成员:5192

4, Telegram 中文技术交流社群成员:15779

5, Twitter关注:5093

6, Facebook关注:8460

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