Deeper Network Basic Mining Registration Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to register for basic mining which gets you started on placing your device on the Deeper Chain in order to start growing your credit score.

Device Setup

Step 1: Connecting your Device
- Please follow the instructions inside the box to connect the device with your modem and router.
- If you have setup issues, please email:

Step 2: Logging into the AtomOS Dashboard
- Please go to url: on your browser and use the default username and password. The default username and password are admin and admin (all lower case letters). Click the “login” button.
- If a user has a login issue, please email the issue with the full device serial number (SN #) to: for assistance. The full SN# is located above the “login” button in the AtomOS login window.

Go to staking site:
- Click “sign up” at the bottom left hand corner of the window.

-Users can choose to sign up either by mobile (phone number) or email address.
- ERC20 Address: enter your ERC20 wallet address (the ERC20 wallet address you plan to use for staking and paying ETH gas fees).

-If you plan to stake but don’t have enough $DPR, please click the “buy $DPR on Uniswap” button at the bottom of the page to purchase $DPR.

-Register login code: enter your full device SN# serial number that appears above the “login” button in the AtomOS login window.

-Register SN#: after logging into AtomOS, on the dashboard, go to DeviceSystem where you can find the device SN# under hardware information.

-After entering all the above information, click “Submit” to complete basic mining registration.

*Completion of the basic mining registration puts you in line to be placed on the Deeper Chain. Once put on the Deeper Chain, the $DPR tab will appear and you will begin with a credit score of “0”. You will need to grow your credit score to 100 before you start earning $DPR mining rewards.

This completes the basic mining registration process. If you would like to activate your mining and increase your credit tier, please see our Basic Mining Staking tutorial.