Deeper Connect: Private and Secure Internet for the People

Deeper Network
4 min readFeb 7, 2019


Deeper Network is committed to changing the way people connect to the Internet all over the world. We envision our product, DeeperConnect, replacing every single router at home, allowing users to share their bandwidth with others and earn Deeper Network tokens (DPR) while doing so.

The Internet has been facing some issues recently, or perhaps we know that it has never been the totally open, accessible and democratic information space it was originally envisioned to be.

Since Internet service providers and other big fish online are able to monitor, store and sell your data, it is a given that the Internet lacks data privacy. Not to mention the fact that they can of course also profile you and share that data with government agencies. The extent of this surveillance is deep and extremely intrusive. The Internet is also vulnerable to censorship by local governments around the world for different reasons. At Deeper Network, we believe people’s access to information should never be determined by their geographical location.

Additionally, net neutrality is at risk. This is akin to the Internet becoming another cable television, where you are only allowed to see the channels that you are willing or can afford to pay for. It prioritizes traffic to the highest bidder and thus unfairly restricts the information available to those who cannot pay more for Internet use.

Deeper Network is solving these problems and aiming to be a contributor in the creation of a decentralized, democratic and fair Internet. An Internet that empowers the people, the real users, without whom the Internet would have never become the powerful tool it is today.

Deeper Network Technology

What makes our product special is that it integrates solutions to difficult technical issues in the areas of security, the sharing economy, and blockchain — an all-in-one, all-new species of plug-and-play hardware.

Our device, called DeeperConnect, allows users data sovereignty and security, with the goal of establishing a trustworthy Internet. At the same time, it is not necessary to possess one of these devices to be able to access our secure network; in the future anyone will be able to access our network by means of an application.


DeeperConnect uses our innovative Trident protocol to carry out data forwarding as well as pierce the surveillance and blocking mechanisms of firewalls to give users the freedom to browse as they please.

Additional strong security functions include AtomOS, our built-in secure network operating system. It provides users with comprehensive security, protecting home networks and private data as well as cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. Every component of the Deeper Network has inherited these security genes, and all of them are meticulously designed and fully tested. Deeper security devices running AtomOS will be the safest mining rigs in the world, maximally protecting the interests of all miners.


In the initial phase of the project, the resource sharing platform will be implemented by smart contracts in Ethereum. To guarantee the robust growth of a network sharing economy, we have implemented a series of reliability mechanisms to ensure that the system runs smoothly. Probability-based micropayment was preferred to avoid various default cases such as double spending, user dispute and server omission.

In the future, we will migrate the platform to our own public blockchain to ensure the long-term development of the project. This will constitute a truly decentralized public blockchain –the e^2 chain- thanks to our own PoC (Proof of Credit) consensus mechanism; therefore, users will be able to profit by mining DPR tokens on the e^2 chain.

The e^2 chain is an all-new smart contract platform that stands out due to its high efficiency, low energy requirements and superb security. Linked together by all DeeperConnect nodes worldwide, the e^2 chain will contribute its foundational platform and guaranteed security to the initial construction and ongoing development of an Internet that people can trust: the people’s Internet.


Deeper Network represents a self-regulated economic model in itself. Our project model is not trying to make money from the use of our network and as a matter of fact, we will not mediate the transactions. It is the users who will be incentivized by sharing their totally private, censorship-resistant and safe internet connection. This of course will eliminate the need for a middleman regulating the transactions and all profits will go to users.

Think about project models like Lyft or Airbnb where people share their car or home when they are not using them. That is exactly what users with a DeeperConnect device will do with their excess Internet bandwidth, but without having to pay anything to the middleman.

We understand that the aforementioned governments and big cyberfish will not look kindly upon our mission, and that’s just the way it is. The purpose of our working product, our technology, is to bypass whatever restrictions they are or could be imposing in the future on people’s free access to information. As a matter of fact, we will have no control over the network since it will be autonomous and self-regulated. This is the way things were envisioned to be: safe, private and democratic Internet for the people. Join us in this effort to create the people’s Internet we all deserve!