Deeper Connect Mini: Its functions and importance.

We are about to launch an Indiegogo campaign and we understand that some people may have questions or concerns regarding our product. If we were to place Deeper Connect in a product evolution timeline, we would consider it a 4th generation device. We have considerably reduced its physical dimensions and improved its performance. Deeper Connect Mini is what we would consider a portable version.

Given Deeper Connect Mini’s inherent capabilities to provide a censorship resistant and private Internet experience, people may associate our product with a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Let us clarify, Deeper Connect is not just a VPN hardware device, and as a matter of fact is something far superior to current VPNs.

VPNs are centralized, so even though they may give you access to free Internet and some protection against malware, the provider still as access to all the information you were trying to protect from others. According to an authoritative report issued by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), a survey conducted on VPN users determined that up to 84% of user data is leaked and falls into the hands of third parties. This in itself contradicts the encryption capabilities claimed by VPNs.

You can think about Deeper Connect Mini as:

I. A Decentralized Private Network (DPN), which makes it censorship resistant and unstoppable, that means it is shield from third party interference and tracking.

II. A Firewall with enterprise level protection against cyber threats.

III. A Profitable Mining Rig: YOU as a user, can profit by sharing idle bandwidth.

Decentralized: If you are not aware of the advantages of decentralization, let us explain it clear and simple here. Imagine if, rather than relying on the central server of a VPN provider, your Internet access relied on many individual devices located around the world which aren’t under the control of any one entity, government, company or individual. Well, that is what Deeper Connect does! That means that we cannot sell or share your data, even if we wanted to. Every Deeper Connect device shares its bandwidth with other devices using peer to peer distributed systems, including Distributed Hash Table (DHT) and blockchain to discover each other.

Firewall: As our lives become more integrated with the Internet, we will progressively require higher levels of security. Year by year we have seen an increase in the use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and that trend is not going to change. Voice controllers, doorbell cameras, smart locks, smart light switches, air quality monitors, smart temperature thermostats, all these devices may get affected by privacy and security breaches. Deeper Connect Mini can protect your computer equipment and information as well as any IoT home device with an unprecedented enterprise level of encryption. It plays the function of a smart home firewall, simple to use, powerful and affordable. Part of our development team occupied leadership positions at Palo Alto Networks, the world’s global cyber security leader. Therefore, we know what we are doing when it comes to cybersecurity, and we are offering it to you at a retail price. Isn’t that great?

Sharing Economy: If you want to understand what a sharing economy is, think about companies like Uber or Airbnb. You offer what others want and you get a commission for those services, whether it is renting an apartment or giving someone else a ride. The only difference is that you will share idle bandwidth with other users who may need a private and secure Internet connection. The payment will be in DPR, the native token[1] based on our own blockchain platform. We are currently working on the e² chain’s private net. It is going to be released with Deeper Connect Mini. Once it is live our users will be able to start earning profits by mining the e² chain. Currently We have more than 1000 nodes all over the world. They are located across multiple continents in Asia, North America and Europe.

Now you have an idea about what a device like Deeper Connect Mini could bring to your Internet experience. We have worked very hard to bring this project into reality and we will continue to work to make it even better. We hope you can become a part of the Deeper Network family and back our products so we can continue contributing to the magnificent project of creating a free and secure Internet, one that the whole world deserves.

[1] Digital tokens (or “tokens”) are defined as transferable units generated within a distributed network that tracks ownership of these units through the application of blockchain technology.