Cybersecurity Issues in the 5G Era

Deeper Network
9 min readMay 22, 2020

Huoxing Finance conducted an interviewed with Deeper Network about cybersecurity issues in the 5G era.

The 5G era is here to stay. Privacy and security issues cannot be ignored any longer. As a company specialized on cybersecurity, Deeper Network accepted this interview. CBO Steven Shao from Deeper Network had a brief conversation with the chief editor of Huoxing Finance.

Q: Hello Steven, welcome to our interview. Could you make a short introduction about you and Deeper Network?

A: Hello, I’m Steven from Deeper Network, mainly responsible for brand promotion. It’s a great honor to participate in this interview. Deeper Network is a Silicon Valley based technology company focusing on network security. Our mission is to combine cyber security and blockchain technology to create a more private, secure and fair Internet.

Our product, Deeper Connect, is the world’s first device that merges cybersecurity and blockchain technology to create a truly decentralized sharing economy. We will like to invite everybody to learn more about us.

Q: Blockchain has become a common place topic. But today let’s talk about something different. 5G is becoming a more and more mature technology as it gradually enters our lives. Let’s talk about that. Steven, could you please give us a basic introduction to 5G technology? What is it and what technical advantages does it have?

A: 5G is the fifth generation technology standard for mobile communication. If explained with use cases, 1G would represent the “big cell phone” active during the early 1990s, used only to make phone calls. 2G added the function of sending and receiving short messages. 3G represents the first mobile devices able to be connected to the Internet, and to use applications like microblog and WeChat, among others. 4G is the technology which has made possible faster audio and video transmission as well as big data communication. 5G, represents a step forward in all these aspects.

In simple terms, the technical characteristics of 5G can be summarized as follows,

1. High speed internet access, it is possible to download a HD movie in a few seconds.

2. Wide Internet connection, in addition to our commonly used mobile phones, computers and other terminals, all kinds of intelligent devices will be connected to the network.

3. Low transmission delay, online games no longer lag.

Q: OK. But we all know that technology is a double-edged sword. News reported an incident in the UK where a person smashed one of Huawei’s 5G base stations. There have also been demonstrations against a 5G base station in China. And the rumors on the street are telling the same story, that 5G radiation does great harm to the human body, and even seriously affects its reproductive system. In your opinion, will the progress of 5G technology bring some negative effects? What should we do about it?

A: Regarding the health aspect I need to clarify that the radiation of a communication base station is not larger than the radiation generated by household appliances. Microwave ovens and computers at home also produce electromagnetic radiation. When compared with these common household appliances, the radiation of a 5G base station turns out to be very small.

People should be more concerned about threats, that take advantage of the 5G era, on their home network cybersecurity or their personal data. As IoT devices become more and more complex, the number of software vulnerabilities will increase significantly. In the 5G era, ordinary people’s food, clothing, housing and transportation will be created and rely on communication in a much vaster and complex network. In the case of a serious network attack or data leakage, people will suffer considerable property loss. Those are facts.

As a matter of fact, we all may have experienced cyber security threats in some form or another. If you ever received a call from a stranger who happens to know just too much about you, it probably means that your personal information has been leaked. In the 5G era, your personal information and privacy data will be more easily leaked. Whether you’re browsing the web, shopping online, telecommuting, meeting online, or watching your new baby thought a smart home camera while at your office, you will be more exposed to online threats. It is at these times when a solution for network intrusion and personal privacy is highly needed. A solution that can deal with cyber security threats in various application scenarios during the 5G era.

Q: The 5G era is here to stay. Privacy and security issues cannot be ignored any longer. As far as I know, Deeper Connect, a device launched by Deeper Network, has been developed to deal with these issues. Please explain a little more about this device.

A: Deeper Connect is our honorary first product. It is a new species of device combining cybersecurity, a sharing economy and blockchain technology. We have adopted a concept of plug and play with zero configuration. All you’ve got to do is plug the network cable into your Deeper Connect and it is pretty much ready to use so you can enjoy safe and private internet access.

Simple introduction:

1. This is world’s first decentralized network for a privacy and cybersecurity hardware device.

2. It enables users to access the internet safely and freely.

3. It offers privacy and personal data protection; it prevents data leakage, traffic monitoring and hacker intrusion.

4. It offers unique IoT device protection for all devices in your home network.

5. It is easy to use, with a plug and play, zero configuration, and no threshold approach.

6. It is a safe mining machine allowing the share of bandwidth as mining profit.

This is a picture of Deeper Connect Mini, our current 4th generation device. It is small in size but delivers high performance. As you can see, we are constantly improving and updating our products.

Q: For what we know Deeper Network has a hegemonic team, coming from Peking University, Zhejiang University, Tongji University and The National University of Singapore, among others. How did you bring them together?

A: As a Silicon Valley technology innovation enterprise, we certainly need to have the best talent out there. Most of our team members used to hold important positions in Google, IBM, Alibaba, etc. Our technical core team members are from Palo Alto, Fortinet and other companies who are world leaders on cybersecurity. More importantly, we all agree with Deeper Network’s mission: “combining network security technology and blockchain technology to create a more private, secure and fair next generation trusted Internet”. It is this mission which has inspired us and has given us a responsibility and a common mission as we strive to reach our goal, a fair and democratic internet.

Q: I don’t know if your team has ever been asked this question: We have a few facts here: 5G technology is developing rapidly and affecting people’s privacy and cybersecurity. Additionally, we have gradually been becoming more transparent in the era of big data. Add to this IoT technology. Let’s combine these three technologies and what do we have, the biggest privacy and cybersecurity issue in history?

A: In the age of 5G, the huge amount of online traffic makes digital threats more difficult to identify. There may also be more security vulnerabilities and greater consequences after an attack. The access of hundreds of millions of terminals brings new difficulties to the control and management of these devices. All devices need to be authenticated for access but many IoT devices represent weak terminals.

Here we have to bring Deeper Connect back into the conversation. The IoT devices we just mentioned can become a relatively weak part of a home network if they are connected to a 5G network. Our IoT device protection function can easily solve this problem. Just connect the Deeper Connect device, and all IoT devices at home will be protected. All smart devices such as home cameras, temperature thermostat, mobile phones, computers, smart audio speaker, etc. will all entered into a protected state.

Q: as far as I know, Deeper Network has a deep cooperative relationship with the whole blockchain technology. In addition, what other partners does Deeper network have in the industry? Who are your comrades in arms?

A: We have a lot of connections with BIONE exchange. BIONE attaches great importance to the security protection of users’ data and privacy. The whole platform adopts an ISO27001 information security standard, and strictly controls the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all information. The privacy and security part is the strength of Deeper Network, and we are conducting in-depth technical cooperation in this field. So it can be said that in the field of user information security, BIONE exchange has achieved an outstanding level in the industry. Eric MA, the CEO of BIONE, is also a good friend of Deeper Network. We can see that under Eric’s leadership, BIONE exchange should be a black horse in the industry, considering what he already achieved in CMC. We wish BIONE to continue to maintain its rapid development and to unlock new achievements in the future.

Q: Privacy and security online has become the current social pain point. When solving privacy and security problems, we usually think of blockchain technology, which seems to be the best application for blockchain technology. How does Deeper Network integrate blockchain technology into its products, and what role does blockchain technology actually play?

A: From the perspective of blockchain technology, Deeper Connect creates a sharing economy on blockchain by the use of smart contracts. It mainly includes token contracts, node contracts and micro payment contracts. In the future, we will launch a new smart contract blockchain platform, that we call the e2 chain. The e2 chain uses a consensus mechanism based on Proof of Credit (POC), designed and created by Deeper Network to bring the benefits of a truly decentralized public chain platform. At the same time, the e2 chain is highly efficient, has low energy consumption and is very secure. Its security represents a step forward for public chain platforms. After the launch of the e2 chain, Deeper Connect users will automatically participate in the mining process of our chain. They will be incentivized in DPRs, Deeper Network’s native token, provided they meet the minimum credit value requirements.

We must also mention the implementation of our own AtomOS operating system. AtomOS is the first unlocked network operating system. Its advanced unlocked design is the key to ensure the high reliability and high performance of the whole system.

In addition, deeper has created the Trident Protocol, a smart router technology and a link layer technology to provide users with better user experience and protection.

Q: Without even noticing, it seems that our chat is coming to an end. Let’s talk about your plans for the future. Is Deeper Network preparing something new and innovative to better meet the needs of the market and its users? Because, you know, technology is constantly evolving and improving, to face ever changing challenges.

A: Of course, our hardware, Deeper Connect Mini, represents a fourth generation device, and is currently getting ready to be launched on Indiegogo, which will be our official crowdfunding platform. Our fifth generation device, Deeper Connect Pro, is in its design phase and it is scheduled to be released this year.

In terms of software development, several interesting new functions have been added or tuned this year, such as advertisement filtering, malicious URL filtering, tracker blocking and parental control. Some of these functions come from our interactions with community users. Our English community has tens of thousands of users, and our Chinese community has around 5,000 people. People have a real interest in the product’s functions and vision, and some of them have given and will continue giving suggestions or participating directly.

As mentioned earlier, we will release Deeper Connect Pro in the near future, which will be the most powerful one in the series. Our plan is also to launch apps that could provide our users with a better mobile scene experience. We would like to extend an invitation to anyone interested to follow us through our social media. Thank you. Our landing page is: