A DPR & Uniswap Liquidity Provider Tutorial

Deeper Network
3 min readApr 10, 2021

Step 1. Find TokenPocket App on your phone

Step2. Click TokenPocket and import the ERC20 wallet you used for the IDOs

Step3. Click “Discover” in the bottom menu, copy & paste this staking URL: https://deeper.network/staking

Step 4. Open the staking page. Click “Show Contract Information”, then click “Get Uniswap DPR-USDC LP”. It will take you to Uniswap pool page.

Step 5. Since Uniswap has V3 onlive now, you can either use V2 or V3 to add USDC-DPR pair to the pool.
V2 layout: Click the arrow on the top left to go back V2

V2: step 2- Click More/ “V2 liquidity”, then click “Add Liquidity”, Approve and Confirm the transaction on TokenPocket. You will need to have some ETH to pay for the gas fee. Once the transaction has been confirmed, it will bring you back to Deeper Network staking page.

Below is for V3 layout.

For V3 layout:
Step 1: Select Pair: USDC/DPR
Step 2: Select Fee — 0.3% fee, put the DPR price you want to start with
Step 3: Set DPR price range, this allows you to set the DPR price you want to execute the order
Step 4: Deposit Amounts:
Setp 5: Approve and Add LP

For more details, please read here: https://docs.uniswap.org/concepts/introduction/liquidity-user-guide

Step 6. On Deeper Network stake page, click “Approve DPR-USDC LP”, connect to your wallet and “Confirm” your approval.

Step 7. Open the URL https://dpr.deeper.network/staking and connect to your wallet. Click the “Max” button next to “enter stake quantity”, the number of your LP will show up. Then click the “Stake DPR- USDC LP” button to complete your staking process.

Once staked, you will see the “Reward” changing and you will have the following options:

(1) Click “Reward” to claim your earning.
(2) Click “Withdraw” to withdraw your liquidity to your wallet.
(3) Clicking “Withdraw All & Reward” allows you to claim all your liquidity and rewards, all at once, to your wallet. Remember to always keep some ETH to cover the gas fees required to complete the staking.